About Us

Education | Health | Lifestyle

Who we are

Yarrahapinni Adventist centre is an education centre that focuses on health, lifestyle and education. Our centre sits on 75 acres of pure rainforest and bushland. We are also blessed to be situated right on gorgeous Grassy Head beach. 

Conveniently, we’re located halfway between Brisbane and Sydney, just 60 minutes south of Coffs Harbour on the mid-north coast of NSW.

Yarra is the perfect destination for your next school, church or community groups camp. The centre offers numerous activities amongst nature where our youth can learn and grow together. 

Our mission

Utilising the God-given gifts provided to us by His will and leading, provide memorable experiences to our members and customers in the areas of faith, health, education and lifestyle.

Our vision

Creating and fulfilling life-lasting experiences for all people.


Our core values


The heart of our ministry is the commission of Jesus to His disciples to share the good news of salvation and serve humanity with compassion. Love for Jesus will lead all disciples to participate in growth of His church.


Teamwork is working together in a culture of open communication, co-operation, collaboration, loyalty and trust. This is vital to fulfil the responsibility we have in sharing the good news about God’s love and hope in Jesus Christ.


Nurture is the development of personal and corporate relationships built on love, grace, support, acceptance, affirmation, fairness and openness. This encompasses servant leadership, mentoring, mutual respect, self care and positive communication.


We accept our responsibility to be held accountable to God, the Church and corporately to each other. We are accountable for the use of the time, talents, spiritual gifts, positions and resources that God gives us in working together in fulfilling his mission.