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 The best foundation for learning is play

As kids, the best part about any type of trip away is the activities. There’s no better feeling than being out exploring and having fun with friends. At Yarra we all about having fun, giving new things a go and learning.

We offer numerous activities in our beautiful surroundings. Guests have the opportunity to get out exploring in the rainforests, play down on the beach and take part in the many activities Yarra has to offer.

The activities we offer our guests are a combination of fun, challenging and relaxing. By taking part in these activities, students will learn to build unity amongst their peers while also have plenty of fun.

Yarra is the perfect place for students to experience new things, build relationships and make great memories.


Horizontal bungee


High ropes

Bubble soccer

Beach activities

Challenge course

Nature centre



Mountain biking

Swag camping

Safety first, always

The activities we offer all have different levels of risk which is why some activities will require extra assistance from adults. Most activities will be run by a trained instructor and then assisted by adults from the group to help out and supervise.

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